Website Prep Bundle

Everything you need to to create a website that snags you ideal clients & customers

SAVE $100!! Bundle includes courses Brand Like a Beast, Website Words, and Fab Photos. 

The content of this bundle guides you through everything you need think about before creating your website so you'll end up with a stunning, business-boosting beauty. 

$147.00 (+ 5% Tax)

Brand Like a Beast

Essential Clarity on Your Niche, Brand Message, and Visual Vibes

Want to feel like a confident business babe whose biz is sold out with raving-fan, soul-mate clients and customers? Hell ya you do!

But if your current reality is more like "confused, insecure, and struggling to book clients", this course will walk you step-by-step on how to create the visual style and essential foundations that will set your biz up for massive success. 

$97.00 (+ 5% Tax)

Website Words

Strategic Copywriting Templates that Will Get You Booked

Fill in the blanks copy templates for each page of your website - with tons of helpful examples!

This course helps you to easily and strategically write your website so that it speaks directly to your ideal clients and makes them beyond excited to work with you.

$97.00 (+ 5% Tax)

Fab Photos

Your A to Z Guide to a Successful Brand Photoshoot

Any quality website and brand comes with high quality photos to tell your business's story.

This short course is all about how to prepare for a branded photoshoot - whether you're doing it professionally, having a friend snap some photos for you, or trying your hand at advanced selfies!

$47.00 (+ 5% Tax)